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The total shoulder replacement operation which took place at Hurstville Private Hospital saw Dr Haber and his team replace the ball and socket of the shoulder by inserting an implant into the shoulder joint. "It is exciting that CAOS technology has finally doctor home loans Oak Laurel 0430129662 arrived for shoulders following the success of similar technological advancements for hip and knee replacements," said Dr Haber. Fewer than 30 similar procedures have been carried out globally. "I think there have been 30 worldwide in the last few months. We have 10 planned in Australia in the next few weeks." Two men aged 60 and 76 were the first patients to receive the new procedure. CAOS is a new and evolving surgical technology which provides the surgeon and his team the ability to plan the procedure on a computer immediately preoperatively. The navigation system then provides enhanced information and guidance, during the operation. "Previously, the procedure relied on the surgeon's experience, eyesight and steady hand." home loan for doctor Oak Laurel While these remain paramount, "computer assistance is able to aid accuracy and precision." Dr Haber said. "The technology is too new for its benefits to be determined accurately, but we are aiming for [big] improvements on the 10-year+ outcomes of the current techniques." Shoulder replacement surgery has been on the rise in recent years.